Oxbo, WI

Are you suffering from sensory overload? Have you been searching for an escape in Wisconsin? The little town of Oxbo may be just what you are looking for. It is just 20 miles east of Winter, Wisconsin, and boasts a total population of SEVEN. There are no traffic jams or traffic lights in Oxbo. Noise ordinances haven’t been given a second thought. As a matter of fact…your cell phone won’t even ring unless you stand on the top of the hill on Highway 70, west of the Oxbo Bridge, due to the heavy forested surroundings. 

Back in May of 1980, the community included a total of five residents and business was slow at the Oxbo resort. Jack Duwe (proprietor) and Dick Kuhnert, (part time resident) decided to hold the first Woodtick Race on a Wednesday night. It became a success and drew national media attention with live performance on television within four years. It continues to be an annual event, now held on Saturday each year. Check out the Calendar of Events in May for the particulars if you are interested in registering for this event…or just come and watch.

At the turn of the century, Oxbo was a bustling community of about FIFTY residents and included a church and schoolhouse. An 18th century map shows the church/school house on the curve of old Highway #70 leading to the old Iron Oxbo Bridge. This section of Highway 70 is presently designated as Oxbo Drive.

The one room log building was used both as church and school house, but today, that old foundation is filled with flowers in a small plot of land within the forest, named “Camelot” on Highway #70 and Oxbo Drive. There are 18 gardens in “Camelot” and a sign out front states “Garden Tours 5 cents” welcoming visitors.

The Flambeau Hills Ski and Hiking Trail, on Highway 70 and Snuss Blvd. (one mile east of the Flambeau River) boasts 14 miles of wilderness trail. Bring your lunch and stop at the shelter about 4 miles in, for a rest and/or picnic. Trails are well groomed for cross country skiing during snow season, and well adapted for pedestrian hikers and hunters in the summer and fall.

Drive south on Snuss Blvd. to Evergreen and Mason Lakes, known for excellent fishing. If you enjoy boating, kayaking, and/or canoeing, Dix-Dox boat landing can be reached by heading south off Highway 70 on Oxbo Drive, west of the river, for about ½ miles. It is an excellent place to launch with handicap accessible parking available. Fill your water jugs with unadulterated fresh well water right at the landing. Please plan to carry out your littler (either at the landing or campsites down river). Campsites along the river are “wilderness sites” available on a first come first serve basis, with river access only. River maps and/or ski trail maps can be obtained from the Chamber Office or direct from the Department of Natural Resources.

Wild life includes deer, bear, fox, wolf, porcupine, turtle, badger, coyote, and a multitude of four legged as well as winged species. It’s all here for you to see and experience in Oxbo, Wisconsin.