Flambeau Hills Hiking & Biking Trails

Flambeau River State Forest
W1613 County Road W, Winter, WI 54896
Phone: 715-332-5271

Winding through a mixture of conifers and hardwoods, the trail crosses three bridges, provides occasional glimpses of the Flambeau River, and has a three sided picnic shelter. The Flambeau Hills offer 14 miles of trails with varying degrees of difficulty. Challenge your skills, but stay within your abilities. The trails are un-surfaced. Trails are not designed for high-speed travel. They can become soft when wet, and may erode. Use caution in areas of loose dirt, wet leaves, and other loose material. Hikers and bicyclists will share these trails and need to use caution when encountering each other on the trail.

Trail Information: Backpacking is permitted. Overnight camping is free, but a permit is required. Permits can be obtained at the Flambeau River State Forest Headquarters. Camping is not allowed within ΒΌ miles of the river. Hunting is allowed on the trail. Trail users are encouraged to wear blaze orange during the hunting seasons. Hiking/bicycling are prohibited once the trail is groomed for skiing. All motorized vehicles are prohibited. Dogs are allowed on the trail. Be sure to clean up after your dog and comply with all other pet regulations.