Flambeau Hills Cross Country Ski Trails

Flambeau River State Forest
W1613 County Road W, Winter, WI 54896
Phone: 715-332-5271

Blessed with plenty of snow and a variety of trails, there are few better ways to enjoy the Flambeau in the wintertime than on a pair of skis. The Flambeau Hills trail system is groomed and tracked for skating and traditional skiing. Winding through a mixture of hardwoods and conifers, the trail crosses three bridges, provides occasional glimpses of the Flambeau River, and has a three sided shelter and picnic sport. Call Ahead for conditions.

Trail Information: State Trail passes are required. Dogs are not allowed on the trail. Snowshoes are not allowed on the trail. For safety reasons, we recommend that you do not ski on snowmobile trails.


Cross-country skiing at night by candlelight is offered each year in the Flambeau River State Forest.  The event begins at the Flambeau Hills Trail Head.

A 1.8 kilometer loop of trail is groomed, tracked and lit with over 600 candles.  The trail is for skiers or hikers and winds through the heart of the forest.  The trail is wide enough for diagonal striders and skate skiers.  Hiking and snowshoeing are also permitted during this event.

Picnic tables and a large barbecue grill will be available near the trail head for persons who wish to cook their food, and hot dogs, chili & spiced tea will be provided. Large warming fires will also be built and maintained throughout the night

The Forest Staff promotes this as a casual family-type outing and hopes that families and friends come and spend the evening with them.  The candles should provide a luminescent atmosphere for all to enjoy.

The Flambeau Hills Trail Head is located on County Highway “W” 21 miles west of Phillips and 15 miles east of Winter.