The Winter Area Chamber of Commerce is organized with the purpose of promoting the general welfare and economic prosperity of the communities of Winter, Loretta/Draper, Oxbo, Flambeau Forest/Conners Lakes Area, Ojibwa, Radisson, Couderay, and Exeland. The organization will accomplish this through the gathering, distribution and promotion of information about the area to the public. The Chamber will also take an active role in sponsoring and assisting area projects and community activities which are of an economic, cultural, historical, or civic interest to the area.

The membership form is in PDF format. Winter Area Chamber Membership Form (Click the link to the left, to open and view the membership dues and categories.)
If you are interested in joining the Winter Area Chamber of Commerce and have any questions about membership then please send an email or call us at 715.266.2204



Winter Area Chamber of Commerce 2018 – 2019 Leadership:
Sue Johnston, President (Sawyer County Gazette)
Jeremy Meyer, Vice President (Individual/Sawyer County Gazette)
Donna Knuckey, Secretary (Winter Public Library)
Kaci Robotka, Treasurer (Winter Cooperative)
Lynn Scala, Director (Individual/4-Wheelin’ Warriors)
Brenda Adler, Director (Individual/Draper Resident)
Gayle Johnson, Director (Individual/Ojibwa Resident)
Kate Koosmann, Director (Tuscobia Trails ATV Club)
Rachel Barnaby, Director (Winter School District/Individual)
Andrea Helsing, Director (Patti’s on 70)
Cheryl Vincent, Director (Winter Greenhouse)